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Real Camera for iPhone

ABOUT Real Camera

Capture and share photos with FREE Real Camera!
If you are either a Beginner or a Pro, Real Camera gives you the tools to get the best out of your iPhone camera and making Amazing photos the way YOU want them! 
Manual Controls
No more searching for controls!
Access any camera setting with just 1 tap:
  • Exposure time
  • ISO sensitivity
  • White balance
  • Precise focus control
  • x8 digital zoom
  • Exposure compensation for fast corrections
Exposure-focus point
  • Tap to choose exposure and focus point
  • Drag the icons to different points for even more stunning photos
  • Tap the center of the screen to set both back to "Auto"
Total focus control
  • When Auto-focus is just not enough, take control into your own hands 
  • Very delicate focus scale will make the difference between average and professional level macro shots
Fast sharing
  • Take a photo and share it with the next tap 
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Google+ 
  • Take advantage of build-in tool for 1 click switch between crop and full-frame mode before sharing it on Instagram
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